Little Fluffy Rice, a.k.a. Talitha Alysia Onggo, has been painting since the first time she could when she was a little kid. 

She is always intrigued by human psychology, especially one that is related with mind and emotions. Therefore, Talitha involves her feelings a lot when she paints. It becomes a way for her to express and communicate herself. She also likes to explore and combine basic shapes with human features and nature. She always uses female figure to represent herself.

Through her artworks, she wants to make people smile. As this world is a already tiring place for some, She decided to create works where the audiences does not need to think too much when they see it and just enjoy the view. With her concepts that involve a lot of nature, time and emotions, she hopes they can find peace for just a little while.

It’s like a coma in a sentence, she wants everyone to have a little break in their life through her works.

Talitha’s artworks are whimsical, decorative, cute and slightly creepy with the trademark big eyes, small lips and decorated cheeks. She uses bright colors and ‘child-like’ style, wishing everyone can find their inner-child and be in a wonderland for a moment.

She uses ‘Little Fluffy Rice’ as her artist name because her love for rice. Rice is her favorite food.