I’m Little Fluffy Rice a.k.a. Talitha Alysia!

I have been painting female since the first time I could when I was a little kid. I love painting it to represent myself as a female. It’s an endless exploration to explore girl’s mind and figure, I always feel that I get to know myself better and get a sense of relief from my emotions after painting. Female figure always intrigued me, I especially love to explore the hair since I used to play with my mom’s long hair, I find that hair is a really beautiful and magical part of human body (especially wavy hair!).

My works are also heavily influenced by my emotions, especially sadness and happiness. I’m always inspired by many objects in my surrounding, especially the cute and feminine one. My artworks are whimsical, decorative, cute and slightly creepy with the trademark big eyes, small lips and decorated cheeks. I love to decorate my paintings because I hate the feeling of emptiness.

Therefore, I express my emotions through combining the girls and the objects that I find it interesting, creating my own wonderland.

Oh! By the way, I LOVE rice, especially the fluffy one.